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What is a Snake Farm?

Snake Farm is a Skateboarding brand for everyone. Whether you're kick pushing to school in Long Beach, or still serving in the military we're all in this together.

How did you get started?

Snake Farm was conceptualized by a small group of SOF JTACs while overseas. After the tragic death of one of our founding members, we decided to honor him and his initial vision with the idea of Snake Farm and evolve it into what you see today.

Can I get sponsored?

Of course you can. Buy some gear, rip it on the pavement, slopes, or water and tag us on social media. If we like what we see we'll send you some free gear.

What makes Snake Farm different from other skateboarding companies?

What makes us different is that blending of our military backgrounds into the skate culture. We make clothing for people like us. No matter if you're slinging lead downrange or commuting to work on a long/short board. We all have the commonality that is our love of skateboarding.


Can I get free stuff?

For sure. Email us with the subject line: never gonna happen.



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