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About Cody McEntire

Cody-In his own words

Cody McEntire was conceived at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert during the guitar solo of free bird in 1987. He got his start in the skate industry at Tampa am in 2006. After being mistaken for Grant Patterson, Paul Wall, and a king-sized bed sheet, Cody walked away with the win cementing his place in the skate industry. He toned down the baggy kit but continued his love of the Globe finales. He found himself in Australia filming for his Digital Smoke and Mirrors Part. This would become one of his most iconic projects to this day, even though he started his part with a Dolphin Flip. Fast forward to 2015, and McEntire reappeared back on the contest scene with another wardrobe overhaul. Looking somewhere between Pony Boy and Robert Patrick, he solidified a spot in Street League. The same year he released his most proud (and shirtless) video part, T-1000. He has since gone on to Nollie Bigspin his way through Street League, XGames, and an array of other contests. In 2020 he released an insanely hesh part on a massive three-foot vert ramp. He once again brought back the dolphin flips for this masterpiece. Doing the same Nollie Bigspin (except this time over a moving car, wow), he brings you Snake Farm! So buy up because I'm getting older now and invested a substantial amount of my retirement in Bitcoin. We all know how that’s going….

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