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Our Story

Snake Farm is a U.S. Special Operations Veteran owned Skateboarding company specializing in premium quality skate apparel. Although the “Crew” spawns from different walks of life, each member shares a similar vision in the development of a respected brand and the promotion of a revolutionary lifestyle. To put that in better words, we are here to Skate, Party, and provide you guys with some badass gear that you'll enjoy wearing. Regardless if you’re a person who just got your first board today or are the king of your local skate park, this Blue-collar skate brand will bridge that gap. See you pimps on the street. Keep pushin’!




It’s difficult to speak about the caliber of man that Sean Harvell was, simply because words truly don’t measure up. First off, where do you even start?  In this day and age, it is very simple to google someone and read about them online, especially if that individual is one of the highest decorated veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  But in doing so with Sean, you would miss the best parts about him.  Knowing him in person, his gallantry and valor were the last things that he would ever speak of. Humble would be an understatement in the description of his character. Sean carried an infectious energy and a rare ability to make the people he was connected to better. Ask anyone that had engaged with Sean for five minutes and they will tell you that somehow in those five minutes they always knew he was a special human being. Everyone truly wanted to “Live like Sean”. The guy was fearless, strong, intelligent, and a loving father. Sean was an avid skateboarder and without him Snake Farm would not exist today.  We here at Snake Farm make it our goal to carry on his legacy. Until Valhalla, Ride N Ride.